Eavestrough Cleaning & Repair in Toronto

At Home Pro we maintain that having your eavestroughs cleaned is the most important home maintenance duty due to its direct benefits on the overall house operating systems.

A Clean Eavestrough = A Dry Home

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Eavestrough Cleaning

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Top 5 Reasons Eavestrough Cleaning Works!


Prevent thousands of dollars in needless home repairs: eavestroughs are designed to channel and push all rainwater and melting snow away from your home foundation and exterior walls. Clean functioning eavestroughs can save you thousands of dollars in needless home repairs by preventing flooding and cracked basement foundations from the overflow of rainwater.


Prevention of unwanted insects and wildlife: water can accumulate in your eavestroughs because of blocked drains. This standing rainwater is ideal environment for mosquito breeding grounds which can increase the risk of spreading things like West Nile Virus. Also, unclean eavestroughs attract wildlife like birds, raccoons, rats and all kinds of critters because the sludge and leaves are ideal for making nesting.


Extend the life: Blocked eavestroughs become full with sludge and sitting water. This will cause a heavy pulling effect which causes bending and warping of the eavestroughs. The eavestrough may even fall off the house which is hazardous and would require complete replacement.


Peace of Mind: Because of their height of your eavestroughs, cleaning them can be very dangerous. Our experienced technicians, who are fully trained on the job, provide complete and safe eavestrough cleaning.


Increases Property Value: Real estate experts say that the look and health of your roof and overall upkeep of your home speaks a lot about how you care for your house. A property with an overall good maintenance practices will sell for up to 10% higher than the identical house with signs of neglect and repair. Get full recognition for the value of your home - clean your eavestroughs!

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2500 - 3000
$224.95 + HST

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“I used your service for cleaning my eaves-troughs and was quite satisfied. Please contact me when you have a similar sale for adjusting and “firming up” my eaves-troughs please don’t hesitate to ask. Take care!” –Moses